• AppleWatch Time Tracker App
    Simple application to track time in different activities. This is an experimental app to use as playground on building AppleWatch Applications. You can download it here
  • LlevoYo (WIP)
    Web application to coordinate self-organized meetings. Description Technologies React.js, Next.js, node.js, AWS, S3, Amazon Dynamo DB, Amazon API Management, Amazon Lambda, GoDaddy
  • ICAO4Pilots
    English Learning Mobile Application (iOS/Android) for Aviation Description Technologies Flutter, Dart, Node.js, Express.js, GraphQL, bash, ffmpeg, AWS, EC2, S3, AWS Lambda, Amazon Transcript, Amazon SES, ARKit, ARCore, Firebase, Facebook register/login, Apple register/login, Push notifications, App Store Connect, Google Play Console, A2Hosting, CPanel, GoDaddy
  • Al Super
    Mobile application to find the best package option (best price) for different product presentations in the supermarket. Description Technologies Swift, Java (Android), Flutter, Dart, App Store Connect, Google Play Console.
  • Tresmilia.com / Massazza.com
    Personal / Professional website (this website) Description Technologies WordPress, A2Hosting, CPanel, GoDaddy, Google G Suite
  • SMS-C Client
    Implementation of SMPP protocol. Description Technologies PHP, Java, VisualBasic, C#, Node.js, Javascript.
  • Neurotraining
    Gaming platform for brain training and response time measurements Description Technologies Java, Eclipse, Gaming, Heart-rate monitor, sweat monitoring devices
  • Mice Rotation Monitor
    Device to count mice rotations. Description Technologies PIC, Embedded development, hardware.